Year Start Classifications

2023 Year Start Classifications

Teams always have the option of registering up in classification

“A” Teams must register as “AA”.  Once registered, complete and submit 2023 classification petition form.

If your team does not agree with year start classification, complete and submit 2023 classification petition form.

If your team is struggling in the current classification, complete and submit 2023 classification petition form.

2023 Team Classification Petition Form

BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA 8U Pekin Gamers
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA 8U Pirates Baseball
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA 8U Rookies
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA 8U Wildcats
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Bloomingdale Bulldogs 8U
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA Blue Demons
BBboys8-CP-AAA BBboys9AA BNBA Renegades Red 8U
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Cangelosi Sparks North 8U Murcio
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA Carterville Crush
BBboys8-CP-AAA BBboys9AA Champaign Dream
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA Champaign Dream
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA Chatham Braves 8U
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Citius Illinois 8u Navy
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Cobras Baseball Club 8U
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Danville post 210
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Devils Baseball Club – Red
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Devils Baseball Club – White
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Edgebrook Thunder 8U-1
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Edgebrook Thunder 8U-2
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Frankfort Force 8U Cary
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA Geneseo Jr Leafs 2032
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Hamlin 2022 8U Purple
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Ice Hogs
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Illinois Celtics
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA Jacksonville Lumberjacks 8u
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Kendall County Rebels
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA KVL KHawks 8u
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Lake in the Hills Thunder
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Lemont Lightning Gold
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Lockport Cobras
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA LP Cavs
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA Macomb Bombers
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA Mahomet Diamond Dogs
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA Mahomet Mavericks 8U
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Mchenry Cobras
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA Moline Blackhawks
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA OPBA Navy 8U
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA Ottawa Outlaws
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA Pony Express 8u
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA Quad City A’s 8U
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA Quad City Hitmen Premier – 8u
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Rage Baseball
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA Raptors
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Rhino Baseball Amico
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA S.I. Stri?ers 8u
BBboys8U-CP-AA BBboys9AA S.I. Strikers 8u
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Welles Park 8U Black
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Welles Park 8U Red
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Westmont Express 8U
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Wheatland Ducks 8U
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AA Yorkville Foxes 8U
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AAA Briarcliffe Bulldogs Black 8u
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AAA Cangelosi Sparks Knap
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AAA Cangelosi Sparks- 8U Callaghan
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AAA Chicago Heat 8U
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AAA Freeport Stix 8u
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AAA Geneva Vikings 8u Blue
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AAA Illinois Steel
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AAA Illinois Valley Predators 8U
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AAA Kewanee A’s
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AAA Naperville Renegades
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AAA Orland Park Warriors Black
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AAA Oswego Panthers 8U Gray
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AAA Oswego Panthers 8u- Navy
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AAA Quad City Hitmen Elite – 8U
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AAA Southern Illinois Gators 8U
BBboys8-KP-AA BBboys9AAA Tinley Park Bulldogs 8U Black
BBboys8-KP-AAA BBboys9UMajor Cangelosi Sparks Knap
BBboys8-KP-AAA BBboys9UMajor Cangelosi Sparks- 8U Callaghan
BBboys8-KP-Maj BBboys9UMajor Dunham Bulls 8u
BBboys8-KP-AAA BBboys9UMajor Naperville Renegades
BBboys8-KP-Maj BBboys9UMajor Post 210 baseball 8u
BBboys8-KP-AAA BBboys9UMajor Quad City Hitmen Elite – 8U
BBboys8-KP-AAA BBboys9UMajor Tinley Park Bulldogs 8U Black
BBboys8-KP-Maj BBboys9UMajor Upper Deck Cougars 8U
BBboys9AA BBboys10A MOCO Tribe 9u Tharp
BBboys9AA BBboys10A @Bat 9u
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Bombers
BBboys9AA BBboys10A CDBL 9U IHTT Rockets
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Frankfort Square Raptors
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Future Swings
BBBoys9A BBboys10A Geneseo Jr Leafs Green
BBBoys9A BBboys10A Geneseo Jr Leafs White
BBBoys9A BBboys10A Geneva Vikings 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Go Pro 9U 2031
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Highlands Hurricanes
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Hounds 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10A House of Sportz 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Illinois Dynasty Black
BBboys9AA BBboys10A IVC Ghosts
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Lombard Lightning 9u
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Marion Wildcats
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Mendota Matadors 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Midwest Future Prospects
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Mokena Blaze 9U-Johnson
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Pullman Ballers 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Rampage
BBBoys9A BBboys10A RBI
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Rhino-Onik
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Robinson Maroons
BBBoys9A BBboys10A Rookies 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Staunton Storm
BBBoys9A BBboys10A Streator Sluggers
BBboys9AA BBboys10A TCT – 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Top Tier Red
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Waterloo Warhawks 9u
BBboys9AA BBboys10A Westmont Express 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA 210 Baseball
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA 9U Khawks Red
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA 9U Mahomet Diamond Dogs
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA 9U Phenom (White)
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA 9U Spring Valley Red Devils
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA 9U Z20 Batz
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA ATA Boy Scorpions 9u
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Blue Demons – Hoeper
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Bourbonnais Braves 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Cangelosi Sparks – Swiderski 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Cangelosi Sparks-Anna
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Carterville Cannons 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA CDBL Rockets
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Champaign Dream 9u
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Chicago Heat 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Cobras Baseball Club
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Cobras Baseball Club 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Devils Baseball Club – Red AA
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Devils Baseball Club White
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Dinger Baseball
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Dixon Rebels 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Dunham Bulls 9u White
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Dunham Bulls Red
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Dunlap Eagles 9u – 2022 Juskiv
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Edgebrook Thunder
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Elmhurst Extreme 9U Navy
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA EPBC Ghosts
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Extreme
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Forsyth Fire 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Frankfort Square Raptors-Palmer 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Gem City Bombers Red
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Gem City Bombers U9 Blue
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Geneva Vikings Blue 9u
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Go Pro 9u
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Illinois Braves
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Illinois Gators 9U Poe
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Illinois Hitmen
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Illinois Steel-Joseph
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Illinois Valley Predators
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Kendall County Rebels
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Lake County Lightning
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA landsharks
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Lemont Lightning Gold
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Libertyville Orange
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Limestone 9U Blue
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Luke Parnham
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Macomb Bombers
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Manteno Raptors
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Midwest Mafia
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Midwest Storm 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Minooka RiverCats
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Moline Blackhawks 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Morton Potters
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Mt. Zion Braves
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Oak Lawn 9u Lightning
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Oswego Panthers
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Outlaws 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Panthers
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Quad City A’s 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Raiders Baseball Academy 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Rawlings Tigers Orange
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Rebels
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Rochester Rockets
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Rock Falls Rockets
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Southern Illinois Predators
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Springfield Arsenal 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Springfield Cardinals
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Springfield Shamrocks 9u
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA St Charles Knights 9u
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Stampede 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Team Illini 9u
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Top Tier Navy
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Top Tier West 9u
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Tornadoes White
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Tri-State Sandlot 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Wasco 9U Red
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Washington Panthers Orange
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Welles Park 9U Black
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Welles Park 9U Gray
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Welles Park 9U Red
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Wheatland Ducks
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Windy City
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Windy City 9u
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Xtreme Baseball 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AA Yorkville Foxes 9U Red
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA 606ers 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Bulldogs – Black
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Cangelosi Sparks – Melinauskas
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA CITIUS Illinois 9u
BBboys9AAA BBboys10AAA Devils Baseball Club – Black
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Edwardsville Tigers
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Effingham Heaters 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Freeport Stix 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Hamlin Park – White
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Jr Rocks
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Kewanee A’s
BBboys9AAA BBboys10AAA KHawks 9u Blue
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA LP Cavs 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Millstadt Xplosion
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Mokena Blaze 2031
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Ox Wood
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Quad City Cannons 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Quad City Hitmen Premier – 9u
BBboys9AAA BBboys10AAA River City Diamond Kings
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Schaumburg Flyers
BBboys9AAA BBboys10AAA Schaumburg Flyers 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Sycamore Titans 9u
BBboys9AAA BBboys10AAA TBSA Indians 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Thunder Gold
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Titans
BBboys9AAA BBboys10AAA Tri-County Fusion
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Wheaton Briarcliffe Blazers 9U
BBboys9AA BBboys10AAA Wolfpack
BBboys9UMajor BBboys10UMajor Cangelosi Sparks – Johnson
BBboys9UMajor BBboys10UMajor Cangelosi Sparks North 9U
BBboys9UMajor BBboys10UMajor Chicago Prospects
BBboys9UMajor BBboys10UMajor Chicago West Englewood Tigers
BBboys9AAA BBboys10UMajor Extreme Baseball 9u Orange
BBboys9UMajor BBboys10UMajor Hamlin Park Lions
BBboys9UMajor BBboys10UMajor Naperville Renegades American
BBboys9UMajor BBboys10UMajor Oak Park Eagles 9U Blue
BBboys9UMajor BBboys10UMajor Quad City Hitmen Elite 9U
BBboys9UMajor BBboys10UMajor Upper Deck Cougars
BBboys10AA BBboys11A SportsCity Slam
BBboys10AA BBboys11A 10U Pirates Baseball
BBboys10AA BBboys11A ATA BOY Scorpions
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Bolingbrook Rampage 10u
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Cangelosi Sparks – Tujo
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Devils Baseball Club – White
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Edgebrook Thunder 10u Blue
BBboys10AA BBboys11A EP Panthers
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Express Baseball
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Extreme 10U Elchert
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Extreme Baseball 10u Orange
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Force
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Homewood Hawks
BBboys10AA BBboys11A IL Steel 10U Thornton
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Illinois Hitmen White 10U
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Illinois Patriots 10U
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Illinois Premier Dragons
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Illinois Valley Predators-Green
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Jr. Panthers
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Knox County Crush
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Lena 10u
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Marshall Arsenal
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Morrison Bandits 10U
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Orland Park Warriors Reds
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Palos Thunder 10U
BBboys10AA BBboys11A River Otters
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Rock Falls Rockets
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Silverhawks – Green
BBboys10AA BBboys11A TCT – 10U
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Top Tier Red
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Troy Thunder Black
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Washington Panthers
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Welles Park 10U Gray
BBboys10AA BBboys11A Wheatland Ducks Green
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Post 210 Baseball
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA 10 JR Stars
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA 10U IHTT Geneva Blue
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA 10U QC Cannons
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA 10U Warren County Storm
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA 10u Yorkville Fury
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA 606ers
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Addison Blazers
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Bartlett Rebels
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Carterville Cannons
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Cary Trojans 10u
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Channahon Indians
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Citius Illinois 10U Navy
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Clinton Rams 10u
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Cobras Baseball Club
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Colonels
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Dunlap Eagles 10U Maroon
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA ESP Black
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Express 10U-Quaid
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Extreme Baseball 10u Navy
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Fox Valley Freedom
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Frankfort Force 10U – Schaibley
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Glen ellyn rebels black 10u
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Go Pro 10u Vest
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Hamlin Park 10U Grey
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Hamlin Park 10U Purple
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Hounds Baseball
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA House of Sportz 10U
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA IL Hawks 10U – Red
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Illinois Celtics
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Illinois Dynasty Blue
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Illinois Gators
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Illinois Irish – 2030
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Jr. Leafs 2030
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Knights 10U Blue
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA KTB Knights 10U
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA KVL KHawks 10U Red
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Lake County Lightning
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Limestone 10u
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Linconl-Way Blue Demons
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Lockport Vipers
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Lombard Lightning
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Mahomet Diamond Dogs
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Maroons
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Midwest Mafia
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Naperville Renegades 10U National
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Norridge Rebels
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Northwest Outlaws 10u Black
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Northwest Revolution
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Oak Forest Blue Demons
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Oak Lawn Lightning
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Oak Park Eagles 10u
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Olney Crush
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Oswego Panthers 10u Silver
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Ottawa Outlaws 10u
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Oz Park Baseball 10U Orange
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Palatine Bulldogs 10u
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Phenom Red
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Prestige Baseball
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA QC Warriors
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Rawlings Tigers 10U
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Rawlings Tigers Chicago 10U
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA RBI
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Rhino Boersma 10u
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Ridge Beverly Celtics
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Riverside Rockets
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Rockridge Rookies 10U
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Sages
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Saints Baseball
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Sauk Valley Sharks
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Schaumburg Flyers
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Southern Illinois Gators 10u
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Spartan Select
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA The Hitting Center Arsenal
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Thunder Gold
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Tinley Park Bobcats
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Titans Baseball Club
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Top Tier South
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Top Tier West
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Warriors
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Welles Park 10U Black
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA Welles Park 10U Red
BBboys10AA BBboys11AA WS Crush Baseball
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA 3n2 Illinois Steel 10u
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA 618 Assassins
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Barrington Broncos 10U Red
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Batavia Bulldogs
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA BNBA Renegades Red 10U
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Bourbonnais Braves 10u Red
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA Cangelosi Sparks – Mueller
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA Devils Baseball Club Black 10U
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA Dixon Rebels 10u
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA Double Play Elite
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Future Swings
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Game 7 – Legacy
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Geneva Vikings Blue 10U
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA Go Pro 10U 2030
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Hinsdale Baseball Club Red
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Hitmen 10u black
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Homer Heat 10U
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA I.V. Predators
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA IL Hitmen Royal 10u
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Illinois Braves
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Illinois Dynasty Black
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Iowa Barnstormer Aviators
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA IVC 10U Maroon
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Jr Rocks
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Kewanee A’s 10u
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA Khawks 10u Blue
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Lemont Lightning Gold 10U
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA LGP Bandits Gold
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Lockport Cobras
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Mchenry Cobras
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA Morton Potters
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA New Lenox Rebels 10u Broders
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA New Lenox Rebels-10u Splant
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA North Aurora Storm 10u
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Northwest Outlaws Blue
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA O3 Baseball
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Oswego Panthers
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA Ox Wood Black
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Prospects Baseball
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Pullman Ballers 10U
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Rebels – Veach
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Rhino
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA S.I. Shockers
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA S.I. Sluggers
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA S.I. Strikers 10U
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Saint Charles Knights 10u – Orange
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA Stoppers Robinson 10u
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA Stoppers Thong
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Tinley Park Bulldogs 10U Black
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Top Pick Athletics
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA Tribe
BBboys10AAA BBboys11AAA Wasco Red
BBboys10AA BBboys11AAA Wildcats
BBboys10Maj BBboys11Maj AHQ10u
BBboys10Maj BBboys11Maj Blaze-Hussey
BBboys10Maj BBboys11Maj Cangelosi Sparks Jirik
BBboys10Maj BBboys11Maj Cangelosi Sparks-Brosius
BBboys10Maj BBboys11Maj Chicago Prospects
BBboys10Maj BBboys11Maj Chicago West Englewood Tigers
BBboys10Maj BBboys11Maj Kendall County Rebels 10u
BBboys10Maj BBboys11Maj Naperville Renegades American
BBboys10Maj BBboys11Maj Team Chicago Baseball Club
BBboys10Maj BBboys11Maj Top Tier Springfield
BBboys10Maj BBboys11Maj Upper Deck Cougars
BBBoys11A BBBoys12A 11u 618 Assassins
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A 11U Rantoul Rush Blue
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A 11U SI Bucs
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A 11u Z20 Batz
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Athletes HQ
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Bartlett SilverHawks 11U Green
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Buffalo Grove Bearcats 11U Red
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A CDBL 11u IHTT
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Clinton Rams
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Dunham Bulls 11U White
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Edgebrook Thunder 11u Blue
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Edgebrook Thunder 11U Gold
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A EP Panthers
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Express Baseball
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Frankfort Force 11U Black
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A FSBL Raptors 11u
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Go Pro 11U 2029
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Gurnee Travelers 11u
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Jr Rocks
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Kewanee A’s 11u Red
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Lemont Lightning Navy
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Lincolnway Blue Demons 11U
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Lockport 11U Cobras
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A MC Dragons Ball Club
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Midwest future prospects
BBBoys11A BBBoys12A Midwest Hurricanes
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Millstadt Xplosion 11U Muskopf
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Minooka RiverCats
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Northbrook Feeder Black 11U
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A O’Fallon Bombers Kinney 11U
BBBoys11A BBBoys12A Oz Park Gray Tornados
BBBoys11A BBBoys12A Predators 11u Green
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Prospects Baseball – National
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A RBI
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Rebels
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Rebels Red
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Rochelle rampage
BBBoys11A BBBoys12A Rookies
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A SCA Slam 11U
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Schaumburg Flyers 11u
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Skokie Baseball Club
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Thunder Gold 11u
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Top Tier White
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Westmont Express 11U
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Xtreme Baseball 11U
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Yorkville Foxes
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA @BAT Elite
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA *Pony Blue Express
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA 2029 Kaneland Knights White
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Beardstown Gnats
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA BG Bearcats Black
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Bison Outlaws 11u
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA BNBA Renegades Blue 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Bolingbrook Rampage
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Broncos
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Cangelosi Sparks – Brennan 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Carol Stream Cougars
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Cary Trojans 11u Llanes
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA CDBL 11u White
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Central Illinois Force
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Central Illinois Swing
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Champaign Dream – National
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Chatham
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Chicago Heat
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Chicago Knights
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Cobras baseball club
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Dakota-Orangeville Stampede
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Darien Stars
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Deerfield Warriors 11 Red
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Deerfield Warriors 11i gray
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Devils Baseball Club – 11u Red
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Devils Baseball Club 11u White
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Dirtbags
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Dunlap 11u Maroon
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Edwardsville Tigers Holiday Shores
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Elite Baseball-Ferrell
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Elmhurst Extreme Navy 11U (spr 22)
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA ESP Black 2029
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA ESP Red 11u
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Extreme – Clark
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Extreme Baseball 11u Navy
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Falcons
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Forsyth Fire 11u
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Frankfort Force
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Gamers
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Gem City Bombers
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Geneseo Junior Leafs 29
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Geneva Vikings White
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA GRB Rays Terhaar 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Hamlin Park
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA HenCo Hustle 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Hounds 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA House of Paign
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA House of Sportz 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA IL Hitmen
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Illinois Dynasty Blue
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Illinois Gold Baseball 11u
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA ILMO Storm
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA IV Predators
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA JEM 11 U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Jr. Hawks Park Ridge Red Piazza
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA K Cancer Baseball Panthers – 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Kaneland Knights – Black 11u
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Knox county crush
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA KVL KHawks 11u Red
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Lake County Lightning 11U Alivia
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Lake in the Hills Thunder Black
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AA Lemont Lightning
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Lincoln Way Vipers
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Lombard Lightning Frano-2029
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Mahomet Mavericks 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Matbo Red
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Mattoon Hit-Men
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Midwest Bucks 11u
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Midwest Future Prospects
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA MidWest Heat
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Midwest Mafia
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Mokena Blaze
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Moline Blackhawks
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Morton Potters 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA North Side Strikers
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Northwest Travelers 11U White
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Norwood Knights
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA NWC Jets
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA O’Fallon Athletics
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Orland Park Warriors
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Oswego Cobras 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Oz Park 11U Orange
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Phenom Illinois Red
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Phenom Illinois White 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Plainfield Tornadoes
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Pony Blue Express
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Pony express gray 11u
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Post 210 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Prestige Baseball
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AA Quad City A’s 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Quad City Warriors
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Rantoul Rush Red
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Rawlings Tigers Orange 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Razorbacks
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Roselle Renegades
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA SI Bombers
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA South Elgin 11U Legends
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Southern Illinois Prospects
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AA Springfield Cardinals
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Springfield Shamrocks
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA St. Charles Knights Orange
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA St. Joe’s – 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA St. Joseph Spartans
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Sycamore
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Taylorville Storm 11u
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA TCT – 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Team Chicago Baseball Club
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA The Sandlot
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Thunder Gold
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Thunder Red
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Tinley Park Bobcats
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AA Tinley Park Bulldogs – Black
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Top Pick 2029
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Top Tier Springfield 11u
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Tri-Cities Travel
BBboys11AA BBBoys12A Tri-Valley Vikings
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Twin City Raiders
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Wasco Baseball 11u Navy
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Washington Panthers Orange
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Welles Park 11U Black
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Welles Park 11U Gray
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Welles Park 11U Red
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Wildcats
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Winfield Wolves
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA WS Crush Baseball 11u
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Yard Goats
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Yorkville Fury
BBboys11AA BBboys12AA Young Guns
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA *GRB Rays – Illinois Gallina
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA 11U Pirates Baseball
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA 3N2 Illinois Steel Wilcoxen
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Bloomington Renegades Red
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Blue Demons
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Cangelosi Sparks Hernandez 11u
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA CDBL Rockets 11U Blue
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA CGB 11u
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA CITIUS Illinois 11u Navy
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Extreme Baseball
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Extreme Baseball 11u Orange
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Fox Valley Freedom
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Freeport Stix 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Future Swings Black
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Game Seven Legacy
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Hamlin Park Purple
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Hitting Center Arsenal
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Illinois Dynasty Black
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Illinois Gators 11U Shields
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Illinois Hawks
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Illinois Hitmen Royal
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA JR Stars
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Kendall County Rebels 11u
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Kewanee A’s 11U Blue
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Lake County Lightning-11U Rausch
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Lp Cavaliers
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Mundelein 11U Red
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA New Lenox Rebels Fiore
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA New Lenox Rebels-Gilbert
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Ofallon Bombers
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Oswego Panthers
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Ox Wood
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Oz Park Navy
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Palos Thunder 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Panther Club Baseball 11u
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Prospects Baseball – American
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Quad City Cannons
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Quad City Hitmen Elite 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA RBA – Pawlikowski
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Rhino Baseball 11U
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Rhino’s Pietras
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Ridge Beverly Celtics
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Robinson Maroons
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA S. I. Strikers
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Staunton Storm
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Sycamore Titans
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA TBSA Indians 11U
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Team Chicago
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Top Tier Red
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Wasco Wildcats
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Westside Warriors 11
BBboys11AA BBboys12AAA Woodridge Bulldogs 11u
BBboys11AAA BBboys12AAA Z20 Batz
BBboys11Maj BBboys12Maj Bourbonnais Braves
BBboys11Maj BBboys12Maj Cangelosi Sparks Gutierrez
BBboys11Maj BBboys12Maj Chicago West Englewood Tigers
BBboys11Maj BBboys12Maj Devils Baseball Club Black
BBboys11Maj BBboys12Maj Dynamite Baseball Club – White
BBboys11Maj BBboys12Maj Elite Baseball 11u – Perino
BBboys11AAA BBboys12Maj GRB Rays – Illinois Gallina
BBboys11AAA BBboys12Maj KHawks 11u Blue
BBboys11Maj BBboys12Maj Naperville Renegades American
BBboys11Maj BBboys12Maj Phenom Illinois 11U
BBboys11Maj BBboys12Maj Raiders Baseball Academy
BBboys11AAA BBboys12Maj Rhino 11u-Wilk
BBboys11AAA BBboys12Maj S.I Sluggers
BBboys11Maj BBboys12Maj UA Prospects Murphy
BBboys11Maj BBboys12Maj Upper Deck Cougars 11U
BBboys11Maj BBboys12Maj West Englewood Tigers
BBboys11Maj BBboys12Maj WTD Baseball
BBBoys12A BBBoys13A 12U Jr. Panther Travel Baseball
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A 12u Midwest Future Prospects
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A 12U Palatine Pack
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Big Dawgs
BBBoys12A BBBoys13A Bourbonnais Braves Blue
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A DC Lightning 12u
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Dieterich Crush
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Edgebrook Thunder Gold
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A EP Panthers
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Extreme Burns
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A FCA Impact Navy
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Fury Baseball 12U Gold
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A GBN Feeder 12u Black
BBBoys12A BBBoys13A Geneseo Jr. Leafs 2028 White
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Illinois Hitmen White
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Illinois Irish 12u boys baseball
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A IVC 11/12U Grey Ghosts
BBBoys12A BBBoys13A Jr Rocks
BBBoys12A BBBoys13A Jr. Tigers
BBBoys12A BBBoys13A Midwest Bandits
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Minooka Rivercats
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Morris Tomahawks
BBBoys12A BBBoys13A Newton Eagles 12u
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Oswego Cobras
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Ottawa Outlaws 12U
BBBoys12A BBBoys13A Q.C. Warriors
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Razorbacks
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Renegades
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Ridge Beverly Celtics 12U
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Rock Falls Rockets
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Saint Viator Jr Lions
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Southeastern Illinois Legends
BBBoys12A BBBoys13A Streator Diamond Dawgs
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A TCT – 12U
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Tomahawks – Shannon
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A Welles Park 12U Red
BBboys12AA BBBoys13A West Central Elite Orange
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA @Bat Washington
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA *IVC 11/12U Grey Ghosts
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA 12U CDBL Rockets White
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA 12U Deerfield Warriors Red
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA 12U Quincy Dirtbags
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA 12U Spring Valley Red Devils
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA 12u Springfield Shamrocks
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA 12U Warren County Storm
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA 12u Wasco Navy
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA 606ers 12U Gold
BBBoys12A BBBoys13AA ArchAngels 12u
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Athletes HQ
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Athletic Konnection
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Barrington Black 12U
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Batavia Bulldogs
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Bloomington Pony Express Blue
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Blue Demons
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Brookfield Nationals
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Buffalo Grove Bearcats Red
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Carterville Cannons 12u
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Celtic – Jacobs
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Central Illinois Force 12u Black
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA CGB 12u
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Champaign Dream – American
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Channahon Indians
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Chicago Roots Elite
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Cobras Baseball Club
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Cougars
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Crystal Lake Ironmen
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Darien Stars
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Dekalb Crush
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Devils Baseball – 12 White
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Devils Baseball Club Red 12U
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Edwardsville Tigers 12U
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Elite Baseball-Slager
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA ESP 12U Black 2028
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA ESP 12u Red
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Eureka 12U
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Express Baseball
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Extreme Baseball 12u
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Fire
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Flyers 12U White
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Force 12U- Harrington
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Frankfort Force
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Frankfort Force Grey
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Frankfort Square Raptors
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Freeport Stix
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Freeport Stix 12u-Scherer
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Fury Baseball 12U Black
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA GBN Feeder 12 Green
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Geneseo Jr. Leafs 2028 Green
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Geneva Vikings 12U Black
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Geneva Vikings White
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Go Pro 12U 2028
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Hamlin Park 12U Gray
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Hancock County Bolts
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Herrin 12u All-Stars
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Hitmen Black
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA IL Blue Jays 12U
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA IL Gators- Nordstrom
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA IL Hawks 12u Black
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Illini Krush
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Illinois Celtics
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Illinois Dynasty
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Illinois Dynasty Black
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Illinois Gators
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Illinois Gators – Martin
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Illinois Gators 12U-Hampton
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Illinois Ignite
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Illinois Premier Dragons
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA IVC Ghosts – Maroon
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Jr Rocks Gold
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA JR Stars
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA K.C. Hammerheads
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Kaneland Knights 12u Black
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Kendall County Rebels 12u
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA La Grange Tigers
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Limestone Rockets
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Lincoln Way Blue Demons
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Lisle Wolves
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Lockport Diamondbacks
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Lombard Lightning 12U Hagensee
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA LZ360 Bison 12u Wenzel 2022
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Mahomet Diamond Dogs
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA McLean County Dirt Dogs
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Midwest Ridge Runners
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Millstadt Xplosion
BBBoys12A BBBoys13AA morrison bandits
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Morton Potters
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Mustang Baseball Academy
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Naperville Renegades National 12 U
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Naperville Renegades National 12U
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA New Lenox Rebels
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Next Level Baseball
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Northwest Travelers 12U Blue
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA NW Outlaws
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA oak lawn lightning
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Orion Outlaws
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Oswego Panthers
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Ottawa Outlaws
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Oz Park Tornadoes Navy
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Palatine Travelers (Vipers)
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Palos Thunder
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Park Ridge Jr Hawks 12U White
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Phenom Illinois 12u – Red
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Pirates Baseball 12U
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Post 210 12u
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Power Baseball
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Prestige Baseball 12u Gutierrez
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Prestige Baseball 12u Heriviuex
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Prestige Baseball herivieux
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Prospects Baseball
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Rams Baseball AA
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Rawlings Tigers Deubel
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Rawlings Tigers Orange
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA RBI
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Rebels 12U Red
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Renegades Blue
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Rochelle Rampage
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Rock Creek Patriots
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Rock River Royals
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Rockford Big Dogs
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Rookies 12U
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA SI Bucs
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Slammers Illinois
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Southern Illinois Smash 12U
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Sparks – Capadona
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA SportsCity Academy
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Springfield Blue Chips
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA St. Joseph Bandits 12U
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Storm
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Thunder Blue
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Tinley Park Bobcats
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Top Tier Red
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Top Tier Springfield
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Top Tier White
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Tri-County Timberwolves
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Troy Thunder
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Troy Titans
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Warhawks
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Warrenville Cyclones 12u
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Warriors
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Wasco White
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Welles Park 12U Black
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Welles Park 12U Gray
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Westmont Express
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Westside Warriors 12U
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Wheatland Ducks 12U Green
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Wolves
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Woodridge Bulldogs
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Xtreme Baseball 12U
BBboys12AA BBBoys13AA Z20 Batz
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA 3n2 Team Clutch
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA ATA BOY Scorpions
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Barrington Red 12
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Batavia Bandits
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA BNBA Renegades Red
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA CDBL Rockets
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Champaign Dream 12u National
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Chicago Knights
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA CITIUS Illinois
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA CITIUS Illinois 12u Navy
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Danville Fury 12u
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Devils Baseball Club Black
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Dixon Rebels 12U
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Elite Baseball 12U – Silva
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Evergreen Park Knights
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Future Swings
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Game Seven Legacy 12U
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Gas House Boys 12U
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA GBA 12u Blue
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Hamlin Park Lions (Purple)
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA House of Sportz 12U
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Illinois Braves 12U
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Illinois Gators – Martin
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Illinois Hawks 12U – Red
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Illinois Premier
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Illinois STEEL(King)
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Illinois Valley Predators – 12U
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA KHawks Red
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA King City Royals
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA KVL KHawks
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Lake County Lightning 12u
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Lemont Lightning Gold
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Lightning
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Lockport Cobras
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Mchenry Cobras
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA MDB
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Mokena Blaze
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Moline Blackhawks 12u
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Mundelein Mustangs Red
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA New Lenox Rebels White 12u
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Newton War Eagles
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA North Aurora Storm 12U
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Northwest Travelers White
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Paris Lakers
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Pony Blue Express
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Qc Cannons
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Quad City Hitmen Premier 12U
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Richland County Raptors
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA S.I. Strikers 12U
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA SJO Spartans
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Sparks North 12u
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Sycamore Titans 12u
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA The Hitting Center Arsenal
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Titans
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Top Tier Navy
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Wasco Wildcats
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Washington Panthers
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Wheatland Ducks – Reyes
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Wheaton Briarcliffe Blazers Black
BBboys12AAA BBboys13AAA Yorkville Foxes – Red
BBboys12AA BBboys13AAA Yorkville Foxes Black
BBboys12Maj BBboys13Maj Cangelosi Sparks – O’Neill
BBboys12Maj BBboys13Maj Chicago West Englewood Tigers
BBboys12Maj BBboys13Maj Chicago White Sox ACE
BBboys12Maj BBboys13Maj Dinger 12u
BBboys12Maj BBboys13Maj GRB Rays Illinois Haskins 12U
BBboys12Maj BBboys13Maj Midwest Mafia
BBboys12Maj BBboys13Maj Naperville Renegades 12u
BBboys12Maj BBboys13Maj New Lenox Rebels – O’Dette
BBboys12Maj BBboys13Maj Phenom Illinois 12u Blue
BBboys12Maj BBboys13Maj Quad City Hitmen Elite – 12u
BBboys12Maj BBboys13Maj Rawlings Tigers Black
BBboys12Maj BBboys13Maj Rhino Baseball 12u
BBboys12Maj BBboys13Maj Rhino Baseball 2028 12u
BBboys12Maj BBboys13Maj Sparks 12u Rod
BBboys12Maj BBboys13Maj TBSA Indians
BBboys12Maj BBboys13Maj Team Chicago
BBboys12Maj BBboys13Maj Upper Deck Cougars
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A 618 Assassins
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Bolingbrook Rampage 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Bourbonnas Braves 13U Blue
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A CDBL Rockets 13U IHTT
BBBoys13A BBBoys14A Central Illinois Irishmen
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A dakota baseball academy
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Edgebrook Thunder
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Elite Baseball Training Touhy
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Evanston Orangecats 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Extreme Baseball 13u
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A FCA Impact Navy
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A GBN Feeder 13U Black
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Geneseo Jr Leafs White
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A GK Generals
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A House of Sportz 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A IL HItmen-white
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Illinois Patriots 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Kaneland Travel Baseball
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Limestone Rockets
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Lincoln Way Blue Demons
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Lockport Vipers 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Lombard Lightning 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Neoga Chiefs
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A New Trier Feeder 13Gray
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Oswego Cobras Janosek
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Palatine Pythons
BBBoys13A BBBoys14A Quad City Cannons 13U Chapman
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Rawlings Tigers White
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Robinson Maroons
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Rock Falls Rockets
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Top Pick Athletics
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Top Tier White
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Tri State Sandlot
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Triboh 13u
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Wasco Wolverines
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Waterloo Warhawks 13u
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Woodridge Bulldogs
BBboys13AA BBBoys14A Z20 Batz Platinum
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA ***Team Impact DO NOT USE***
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA *North Aurora Storm 13u Red
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA *Top Tier Navy
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA 13U Pirates Baseball – Grey
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA 13U Pirates Baseball – Orange
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA 13U Pirates Baseball – White
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA 13u Stoppers Rizzo
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA 13U Tiger Travel Baseball
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA 13U Warren County Storm
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA 606ers Black 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Antioch Sequoits 13u
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Barrington Broncos 13U Black
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA BC BarnStormers
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Bison Outlaws
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Bison Outlaws 12U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Bison Outlaws Navy
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Blackhawks
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Blaze
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Bluff City Sox’s
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA BNBA Renegades
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Bourbonnais Braves Red
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Braves – Lazaro
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Bulldogs
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Canes Illinois
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Cary Trojans 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Celtics 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA CGB 13u
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Chaneyville Baseball
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Citius Illinois Marucci – Navy
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Crystal Lake Ironmen
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Dakota Baseball Academy 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Danville Fury Red
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Darien Stars 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Devils Baseball Club
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Dinger Baseball Red
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Dirtbags Baseball
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Dixon Rebels 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Dunlap 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Dynamite Baseball Club – Blue
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Eagles
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Elite – Garcia
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Elite Baseball – Garcia
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Elite Baseball South (Evans)
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA ESP American 2027
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA ESP National 2027
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Express Baseball
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Extreme Baseball 13u Orange
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Frankfort Square Raptors
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Galesburg Junior Streaks 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Game Seven Legacy
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Gem City Bombers 13U Red
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Go Pro 13U 2027
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA GRB Rays – IL Harer
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Herrin
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Heyworth Venom
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Hounds
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Hounds 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Illinois Black Sox
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Illinois Braves – Red
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Illinois Celtics 13U-Otrembiak
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Illinois Chargers
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Illinois Dynasty Black
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Illinois Hitmen Black
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Illinois Hitmen Royal
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Illinois Premier
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Illinois Steel 13U Olt
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Illinois Valley Cougars
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Kendall County Rebels
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Kewanee Athletics
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Lake County Sidewinders
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA LincolnWay Blue Demons
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Lisle Wolves 2027
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Lockport Cobras
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Mahomet Diamond Dogs
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Midwest Future Prospect 13u Toft
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Midwest Future Prospects
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Midwest Future Prospects – James
BBBoys13A BBBoys14AA Midwest Hurricanes 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Midwest Mafia
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Midwest Renegades
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Midwest Storm
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Millstadt Xplosion
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Minooka RiverCats
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA MOCO Tribe
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Mundelein 13 Grey
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Next Level Baseball
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Northwest Outlaws
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Northwest Revolution
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Northwest Vipers
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA NTF 13B (White)
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA NTF 13B White
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA NWC Jets
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA NWT 13U White
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA O3 Baseball
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA O’Fallon Bombers
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Oak Lawn Lightning
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Oswego Cobras-Engfer
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Plainfield Tornadoes 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Post 210 JR Speakers 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Power Alley Dirtbags – Crabb
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Prestige Baseball 13u filbin
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Prestige Baseball 13u Grant
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Prestige Baseball filbin
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Prestige Baseball other guys
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Prestige Baseball Semi Pro
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Pullman Ballers 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Quad City Cannons
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Quad City Warriors
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Rampage
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Rawlings Tigers – Quad Cities
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA RBI
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA RBI Gulliford
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Rebels 13u Wheeler
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Reds Baseball Academy 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Rhino Boersma
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Rhino’s
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Rock Creek Patriots
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Rockford Big Dogs 13u
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Romeoville Rays
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA S.I. Shockers
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Sages
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Sauk Valley Sharks
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Schaumburg Flyers Orange
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Schaumburg Seminoles
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA SI Yard Goats
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Skokie Coyotes
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Sluggers Baseball Academy 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Sparks North 13U Fitzgerald
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Sportslab 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA St. Charles Knights
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA St. Joes
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Staunton Storm
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA StoneCity Baseball
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Storm
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Team Chicago Baseball Club
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Team Impact
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Team Ox Wood
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Tinley Park Bobcats
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Titans
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Titans 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Top Tier Navy
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Top Tier Red
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Top Tier South
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Venom Baseball of Illinois 13U 2022
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Vernon Hills Cougars 13U Blue
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Warrenville Cyclones 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Wasco Warriors
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Washington Panthers 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Welles Park 13U Black
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Wheatland Ducks 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Wheaton Briarcliffe Blazers
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Wheaton Briarcliffe Blazers Red
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Wildcats
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Wilmington Wildcats 2021
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Windy City Blue
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Windy City Silver
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Woodridge Bulldogs Red
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Xtreme Baseball 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Yorkville Foxes 13u
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AA Yorkville Fury Black
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA 13U Pirates Baseball – Black
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA 13U Raiders Baseball Academy
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Batavia Bulldogs
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA Bearcats baseball
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Bloomington Renegades Red
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Blue Demons
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Cangelosi Sparks – Carli
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Cangelosi Sparks – Serrato
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Cangelosi Sparks OLeary 13u
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA CDBL 13U
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Chicago Elite-Johnson
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Citius Illinois – 13u Red
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA Dupage Training Academy Wildcats 13
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Elite Baseball
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA EP Panthers
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA ESP Black
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA ESP Reds
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Freeport Stix 13U
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Future Swings Black 13U
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA Gamers Baseball
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA Geneseo Jr Leafs Green
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA Homer Heat
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Illinois Braves – White
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA Illinois Gators
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA Illinois valley Predators
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA KHawks 13U Blue
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA KHawks Red 13U
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Lake County Lightning 13U Lutz
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Lake County Stars
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA McHenry Cobras
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA Morton Mayhem – Lovell
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Naperville Renegades American
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA Naperville Renegades National
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA New Lenox Rebels 13u Strein
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA New Trier Feeder 13U Green
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA North Aurora Storm
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA North Aurora Storm 13u Red
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Orion Outlaws 13U
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Palatine Travelers
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Prospect Heights Phantoms 13U Black
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA Prospects Baseball
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA QC Regulators Orange
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Rhino 13u Kleinhans
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Rhino 13u Moody
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA Slammers Illinois 13u
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA St. Joseph Spartans
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA Tinley Park Bulldogs 13U Red
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA Tinley Park Bulldogs Black 13u
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Top Tier Central
BBboys13AA BBBoys14AAA Villa Park Venom
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Wilmington Wildcats
BBboys13AAA BBBoys14AAA Woodstock Heat
BBboys13Maj BBboys14Maj 606ers Gold
BBboys13Maj BBboys14Maj AHQ McCabe
BBboys13Maj BBboys14Maj Barnstormer Aces
BBboys13Maj BBboys14Maj Cangelosi Sparks
BBboys13Maj BBboys14Maj Cangelosi Sparks Jaisingh Baseball
BBboys13Maj BBboys14Maj Chicago Elite 13U- Varek
BBboys13Maj BBboys14Maj Chicago White Sox ACE
BBboys13Maj BBboys14Maj Cobras Baseball Club
BBboys13AAA BBboys14Maj Devils Baseball Club Black
BBboys13Maj BBboys14Maj Dynamite Baseball Club – White
BBboys13Maj BBboys14Maj Elite Baseball Training Miller
BBboys13AAA BBboys14Maj Geneva Vikings 13U Blue
BBboys13Maj BBboys14Maj Illinois Force Elite
BBboys13Maj BBboys14Maj Libertyville Wildcats 13U
BBboys13Maj BBboys14Maj New Trier Feeder Baseball Blue
BBboys13Maj BBboys14Maj Rhino Calz 2022
8KP 9AA Adel ADM Tigers Baseball- Von Roden
8KP 9AA Ames Ames Storm
8KP 9AA Bondurant Bondurant Bluejays
8KP 9AA council bluffs CB Spartans
8KP 9AA Tiffin Clippers 8U Blue
8KP 9AA CEDAR RAPIDS Cougars Green 8U
8KP 9AA Grimes DCG Mustangs Red
8KP 9AA Des Moines DSM Avengers
8KP 9AA Durant Durant Gold 8U
8KP 9AA Fairfield Fairfield Cougars 8U
8KP 9AA North Liberty Flash 8u
8KP 9AA Cedar Falls Full Count
8KP 9AA Cedar Falls Heat 8U White
8KP 9AA Riverside Huskies
8KP 9AA Indianola Indianola Baseball Club 8U
8KP 9AA Adel Iowa SeaWolves
8KP 9AA Urbandale Iowa Shock
8KP 9AA Des Moines Iowa Young Guns
8KP 9AA Cedar Rapids Jr Warriors 8U
8KP 9AA Cedar Rapids Jr. J-Hawks 8u Blue
8KP 9AA eldridge LBC SCARLET 8U
8KP 9AA North Liberty Liberty Lightning 8U Black
8KP 9AA Waukee Lightning Hoxmeier
8KP 9AA Marion Linn Mar 8u White
8KP 9AA Cedar Rapids Linn Mar Black 8u
8KP 9AA MARION Linn Mar Red 8U
8KP 9AA MARION Linn Mar Silver 8u
8KP 9AA Iowa City Little Hawks 8u
8KP 9AA Waukee Lumberjacks
8KP 9AA Martelle Martelle Tigers 8U
8KP 9AA Clinton Mudcats
8KP 9AA Muscatine Muskies 8U
8KP 9AA Walker North Linn 8U – Burgundy
8KP 9AA Polk City North Polk Comets – 2032
8KP 9AA Norwalk Norwalk Naturals – Purple
8KP 9AA Pleasantville Orange Aces 8u
8KP 9AA OSKALOOSA Oskaloosa Tribe
8KP 9AA Cedar Rapids Prairie – 8U Black
8KP 9AA Davenport Quad City Heat 8u red
8KP 9AA Altoona Rams Fagen 8u
8KP 9AA Cedar Rapids Saints Navy
8KP 9AA Norwalk Sandlot Kings
8KP 9AA Agency, IA SEI Comets
8KP 9AA North Liberty Tigers 8U
8KP 9AA Des Moines WarDawgz
8KP 9AA Washington Washington Demons
8KP 9AA Waukee Waukee Sharks
8KP 9AA West Des Moines WDM CREW
8KP 9AA West Des Moines WDM Saints
8KP 9AA West Liberty West Liberty 8U
8KP 9AA Waverly W-SR 8U

2023 Classification Guidelines

Iowa Team classifications are based on power ratings, tournament results and by overall team performance on the field.

Iowa USSSA Baseball is committed to providing a program for teams to play opponents with the same ability and talent.

Any team that is reforming from the 2022 season must start the 2023 season in the same classification (or higher) that they finished the 2022 season unless otherwise noted in 2023 team year start classifications.

For purpose of classifications, if six (6) or more players from a 2022 team are on a 2023 team, they are considered the same team regardless of the TEAM NAME, MANAGER, COACHING STAFF or SPONSOR.

The Iowa State Office will make final classification adjustments around the middle of June each season.  This should give teams ample time to prepare for State and World Series plans.  Please note that teams may be reclassified at any time by the Iowa USSSA Baseball State Office.

​7U Coach Pitch and 8U Kid Pitch classifications

​7U Coach Pitch and 8U Kid Pitch classifications will be determined during the 2023 season.

We cannot guess on classifications to start the 2023 season because we have no data from the previous season to base classifications on.

USSSA uses a very complicated and very accurate formula on ranking of teams. This is called USSSA Power Rating. Power Rating is basically based on how your team does against teams in the same classification of play.

Iowa USSSA Baseball will classify every 8 Kid Pitch team to start the season as 8KP AAA and every 7U Coach Pitch team as 7CP AAA. Weekend tournaments up through the State Tournament for 7CP and 8KP are “open” classifications and do not separate classifications of play. If a tournament director has enough 7CP or 8KP teams, most likely, the tournament format will consist of all team play pool play and then break into different single elimination championships.

​The State Tournament will be divided into separate stand alone tournaments for the 7CP and 8KP age groups. Teams will be placed in these tournaments by using the power rankings and each tournament will have the same ability and talent of teams. Each separate tournament will award a USSSA State Champion.

Team Classifications

Major Classification
Top 10% – 15% of the teams in the state.
Best teams in the state
Can Compete with Major teams in region.

AAA Classification
Upper middle 20% – 35% of the teams in the state.
Traveling teams
Tryout teams

AA Classification
Lower middle 30% – 45% of the teams in the state.
Limited travel schedule
Players from same local area.

A Classification
Remaining 10% – 20% of the teams in the state.
School teams
Limited playing schedule
Local tournaments

Drafted League Classification
Teams formed from drafted leagues.
Little League teams

Classification Disclaimer

Undoubtedly, not everyone will agree with classifications.  Any team wishing to appeal a reclassification may do so after playing a minimum of six to eight USSSA tournament games after January 1, 2023 against teams in their new classification.  Once the results for these games have been posted to the USSSA system, a review will be completed to determine if the team is competitive at the new level.

The term “competitive” is and always will be subjective.  A team that plays a little below or above .500 in any classification is competitive. A team that loses every game by one run is also competitive.

Do your part to help the accountability of the USSSA system.  View the rosters of the teams in your age division before you play them to make sure that they are compliant with roster rules.  Tournament Directors are also being told this is a requirement of them hosting USSSA events now.  The class system of play works if you are part of the accountability mechanism.  USSSA is the only organization in the country that can make class play work as it should and monitor it.


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